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URBAN LEGEND DEBUNKED–Surface 3 Works Without The (Optional) Touch Keyboard

Despite what slick marketing and reviewers would have you think, the Surface 3 actually works without the (optional) keyboard attached. In fact, Microsoft went ahead and added a on-screen keyboard that you can use for typing. What a great idea for a tablet.


Along those same lines I have discovered today that the Surface 3 adjustable kickstand works without attaching a keyboard. No wobble or any other problems. As you can see below, the first position is nice for watching YouTube videos or movies. While the third position is great for typing an email or two. I’ve only been powered up a little more than an hour, so you’ll have to give me a chance to figure out what the middle (second) position is good for.

Over the next few days I will be sharing all of my new found discoveries. I already woke my S3 from sleep and launched OneNote. Much more to follow. Stay tuned.