Apple is big business as everyone knows and investors and analysts have ben trying to get the inside information on their products for years. However, not all leaks should be taken as fact until Tim Cook stands on stage and shows us otherwise. So with that, a French Blog today was able to get some exclusive pictures of what they are calling the next iPad 5’s front cover and bezel.  We know there has been rumors that Apple would but their 9.7 inch tablet on a diet and reduce it’s overall footprint. So here is some proof that what we think might happen, could very well indeed…happen:


Now, the next question is, will the next iPad come with iOS 7?


  1. how do you say “more of the same please” when requesting something new? oh…wait… you don’t. oh well…

  2. How should I know if it’s the new front bezel? I suspect Roy and Sean D don’t have any idea either. You’re the news-breaker here, you felt like you had enough to crank out an article, why are you asking us for confirmation?
    Besides, all I care about are Nokia bezels.
    Write about the rumor or rumors in general, don’t just help toss this thing around, and avoid question mark titles. Or write poorly, your choice.

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