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That Is Office on an iPad – Well Sort of

You’ve probably been watching this with me but tell me if you’re with me on the conclusion. The background is this story from The Daily that has what they claim is a screenshot of Office for the iPad. Then Microsoft said what was shown wasn’t their software . The Daily shot back by saying they have more to reveal and Microsoft then dropped this tweak:


What do I think is going on here? Citrix…that’s what. There’s been tons of talk about Ballmer not wanting to support the iPad before Windows 8 is out especially if it’s going to be on par with the offerings for Windows 8. They don’t want to sell $10 licenses to forego $100 OS licenses (plus what comes along with that). In the coming weeks Microsoft will be in Spain and we’ll have the Windows 8 consumer preview. We’re not at the point where there’s a flood of slates available for Windows 8 yet and the ARM ones are a bit more in the works than x86 ones. Regardless, it wouldn’t shock me if someone were trying to show off the Metro version of Office with its touch based UI and used an iPad to show off the Metro UI that was actually running on…wait for it…a Windows 8 tablet. It’s a joke of sorts. The iPad is supposed to be the post-PC tablet but the joke is that to get the benefits of a PC you need a PC.

Either that or it’s the new HTML site…or it’s real…or I need to make more guesses so when the answer comes out I can claim to be right OK fine, my bet is still on this being the Metro version of Office and an iPad version is still a few months off…like 9 months.