I follow a bunch of Microsoft employees on Twitter. Makes sense since they know what they’re doing and I’m hoping they tell us some good stuff. Also, they have good tech conversations. Only problem is I read too many of them talking about their iPads and displaying Windows using Boot Camp. Seriously, I don’t want to hear it. Don’t tell me that your views on Twitter are your own and not those of your employer. Let’s put it this way – if you’re not going to eat your dog food then why should I? 

The reason people respect you is because of your employer (at least in part) so when you spend all your time talking glowingly about competitive products and not using things that are Windows powered it really reminds all of us where Microsoft stands. I mean, they can’t get their employees to use their products, right? And don’t tell me that they need to use competitive products to know what they’re competing with. They’re enjoying it way too much for that. You don’t get in line to be the first to get a new iPad and talk about how awesome the display is and no PC has a screen like it just because you want to see the competition.

rant over


  1. Been saying this for years, MS themselves don’t care about their products how can you expect others to?

  2. So when a MS employee develops Office for OSX, then why wouldn’t they use both, and feel comfortable doing it. Now if a Samsung employee was using Apple hardware, then it would be a different argument. MS has always been a software co. that sometimes does hardware. But when they are cross platform, then let them play. Look at market share.

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