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Orb Media Streaming Coming To Windows Phones

The guru that is Dave Amenta (think Chrome to Phone Send to WP7) has whipped up an Orb app for Windows Phones that’s in testing right now. Wait, you don’t know what Orb is? Place a little piece of software on your PC and voila – you can stream any media that’s on your PC. And getting back to the Windows Phone version, we’re lucky enough to have a XAP to test.

For now it only stream videos (but really, that’s a killer feature in and of itself and enough to make you change your diaper) but it streams them beautifully. You get a tree directory (it’s based off of what you added to your PC settings in Orb) and you can navigate folders just like on your computer. As you can see there are thumbnails of the videos, tap and stream. The quality is great. It’s full screen without any image loss and crisp sound. The time to load the video of course, is based on the connection speed. It works over 3G or wifi. And playing a movie I had saved on my phone looked the same as it did when streaming it. In other words – this is the real deal.

Taking pictures of an AMOLED don’t do it justice, but here are a few:


This app is expected to be headed to Marketplace as a free/ad based app once a few things are worked out and some features added. Excited yet?

Great work and thanks for letting me test it out. This is some awesome stuff!