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Symantec releases Mobile Management app for Windows Phones

This is Symantec’s second Windows Phone app (VIP Access which gives VeriSign authentication is their first). This one is meant for IT use.

Symantec’s Mobile MGMT (Management) is a mobile device management application that enables organizations to support their Windows® Phone users. The Symantec Mobile Management app is configured to work with the Symantec Management Platform – a product that organizations use to manage their computers and servers. . The Symantec Mobile Management agent will ONLY function if your organization is using Symantec Management Platform along with Symantec Mobile Management. You should only download Mobile Management if your organization has instructed you to do so. As a Windows Phone device user, Mobile Management enables you to: • Easily identify and download commercial and private applications from the marketplace that is recommended or required by your organization. • Easily identify and download documents and media that is recommended or required by your organization. • Automatically update your organization’s IT department with device hardware, software and device health information so they have the information to provide you with enhanced support. • Receive remote assistance from your IT department including remotely locating your device, roaming alerts, receiving certificates necessary to access corporate resources, and removing access to your organization’s resources if necessary. Windows Phone Device User Application Installation Instructions: In order to install this app and register your Windows Phone device with your organization for mobile device management, your organization’s IT department will provide you with the following information: • The e-mail address or enrollment URL associated with your account at your organization. • The credentials (if any) associated with your account. To register your Windows Phone device with your organization: 1. Install Mobile Management onto your Windows Phone device. 2. Launch the Mobile Management app and enter either your company e-mail address or enrollment URL, plus any credentials necessary.

It’s here and free.