I started the day with some iPad rumors and thought that would end it but this one is too good to pass up. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance that makes sure that new devices meet the Wi-Fi spec, Dell has submitted and has passed with a new device that is one digit different than the model number of the Streak. The current Dell Streak, which is model number M01M, has Wi-Fi support for B & G. The new mystery device has been listed as model number M02M, just one digit difference and will come with Wi-Fi support for B, G, & N.

The popular theory is that the new Dell Mystery Device will be a larger Android Tablet in either a 7 inch or 10 inch flavor, but as BGR points out from looking at the Wi-Fi Alliance Document (Link not working for us for some reason) the M02M is listed as a Smartphone and not a Tablet as one would think. A follow up to the Dell Streak Smartphone leaves a lot of questions on the table that may be answered as soon as CES. Mobility Digest will have at least 2 of the team on hand and they will be heavily requested to stop by the Dell booth and get the goods on the follow up to the original Streak, the Dell Streak Part Deux!

Stay tuned for more updates on the new Dell Streak “Smartphone” coming soon.

[via pocketnow]



  1. @ Doug…First, Merry Christmas….
    Today, I went to Best Buy to check out the Streak. I noticed that the Black version was running 1.6. In one of your articles, you mentioned that the streak is now running Froyo…when I asked the “specialists” at Best Buy, both of them said the Streak hasnt recieved the upgrade yet….what’s the real story ???

  2. Only the unlocked Streaks direct from Dell are officially running Froyo (and even then, I’m not sure about the US versions; it might only be the European ones so far). The Streaks in Best Buy are AT&T locked. And even if they get an unlock code, they’re still a different baseband from the “Dell unlocked” ones, so they won’t get the update yet. The word/speculation is that the update for ATT locked Streaks is still awaiting AT&T approval (which, I think, is understandable, as even the official released Froyo has some bugs).

    The good news is, a lot of us have been running Froyo for some time now, thanks to DJ Steve.

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