Did the title say it all? Oh right, it’s free:

Now you can navigate any mall map WITHOUT the need for GPS or WIFI. Once you download any mall map you can get interactive navigation even without an Internet signal!!! As seen in New York Times, Fox Business News, Scobleizer, Techcrunch, ABC News, Gizmodo, LA Times, Star Tribune, NBC Los Angeles, Mashable, AdAge and more

Check it out here.


  1. Hmm. For some reason, it auto-filled in the Search, but didn’t come up as a result. I’ll check back later in the day.

  2. I agree efjay. But the other day when I posted an app review I couldn’t find a QR code to paste in. Not on WindowsPhone/Marketplace or WP7Applist. Any ideas. Used one a couple weeks ago with my phone (a review on another site) and it worked perfectly.

  3. Pretty impressive. Works really well for navigating my local Mall, where I try to spend as little time as possible. One reviewer did not like the fact that you have to tap the little blue dots to see store names (does he really want all the name spattered across the screen), but all you need to do is enter a couple letters in Search to find a store and then have the app give you directions from your current location. Very nice.

    There is no alphabetical listing of stores, which would be helpful. Even better, a list organized by category, just like the informational maps at the Mall. This one is a keeper. Already in my (homebrew) Navigation folder. Thanks David K for the tip.

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