The current file explorer that I’ve used for Windows Phones leaves a bit to be desired. It’s slow, doesn’t access large portions of the phone and overall it’s nothing fancy. But we’re about to get treated with TouchXplorer which appears to be the shit.  Heavy word of caution – if you’re phone is not unlocked then you will never be able to get this app as this level of access would never make it through Marketplace. Anyway, if you’re unlocked watch this video because this is it:

We’ll keep you posted on when it’s released and of course, we’ll tell you how it is once it’s available cause I can’t wait to start playing with this, but it should be within the next day.


  1. So aside from being able to cut and paste a few custom ringtones into the proper folder I can’t thing of a good reason for starting to screw around with a very stable (minus the: alarm, HTC Surround call mute, and plug-in headphone bugs, all of which I can’t fix) phone. Can you?

  2. I agree. I cannot find a single good reason why I would like to look at the files and know the filestructure.
    But apparently there must be a reason – so many people are working so hard to get access to the filesystem, so they will be able to…. [?? I haven’t got a clue ??]
    If they just bought an Android to start with, they would have saved themselves from a lot of work :-)

  3. I know voicemail.exe is supposed to be located in the Windows directory. Also if I can get the camera to save settings (default to HD video for example) I’d be very happy.

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