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Windows Phone 8107 Manual Update Process

UPDATE: Have an unlocked phone? Try this method instead to update through Zune.

We caught wind of the 8107 update a few days ago, this is the patch to fix the annoying disappearing keyboard issue many have been experiencing ever since the mango update. Luckly, that isn’t the only thing fixed in the update:

  • Updated the Carrier data configuration database
  • Updated Radio Interface Layer, SMS & SIM drivers
  • SMS & Contacts “bug” fixed
  • Updated the Updater Service
  • Updated the Internet Sharing Security Policy
  • Updated the HowTo Application
  • Fixed the Location bug where it shares your information without your knowledge in certain core apps.
  • Updates to Zune & the Pictures Hub
  • Updates to the Default Zune Tuner configuration
  • TCP IP stack updates
  • Updates to the MSHTML parser for IE9
  • Updates to the Maps & Search functions
  • Updates to UI framework driving the phone (Splash or UIX as some call it)

As you can see, are many welcome changes. Unfortunately, the update isn’t ready to go just as yet. Rumor has it, it should be going out next week. If you can’t wait until then, the good folks at Xda-Developers has provided a manual push.

I have bundled everything you need into a zip file and included a readme. The process is rather simple and the entire update should only take 10 minutes the most.

[ download link ]

I’ve successfully updated both my HD7 and Titan. As promised, the keyboard is not only fixed, but the speed and accuracy is back! I haven’t had a change to check any of the other fixes, but hey….who cares… my keyboard is back where it needs to be!


As a general warning, try this at your own risk, as we’re not sure how it will affect all devices, and may affect future updates. We’re not responsible for anything that goes wrong.

Thanks to the folks at XDA and Pat K for the tip.