Well I bought into Windows Phone right from the beginning and have owned variety of Windows Phones. I like the experience of Windows Phone because it is different from iPhone, multitude of Androids and Microsoft’s very own Windows Mobile, which is a predecessor of Windows Phone. htc-titan-2-lte-wp7I have used iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 in addition to good number of Androids made by Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG. I come from Pocket PC family, and that is my background. I do a lot of mobile app development.

Now coming to the point, I bought this HTC Titan II to replace the HTC Titan I won sometime early May this year. I loved the size of Titan and quality of pictures I could take from it. My only concern with that phone was audio quality. Yes, HTC Titan sucks and your caller hardly hear you. It is little better than Motorola Atrix line but that’s it. The Titan II is an awesome phone, could definitely compete with Nokia in many areas except the audio quality, of course which way better than HTC Titan and Motorola Atrix.

Enough of talking about Titan II. Now coming to the point, I use my phones (both Nokia and Titan II) for my daily communication needs, either email checking, text messaging, Skype, or good old audio conferences in addition to regular phone usage. I am a heavy user and by the end of the day, both the phones will be at 25% of usage. The data goes in and out at constant pace. Almost every email I receive, will be checked on my phone first then the desktop outlook reads it. Apart from regular business usage, I also use it for entertainment after hours.

Something interesting I noticed today, after using it for almost 4 months. Around 4 PM this evening, while waiting for my son at his school, I noticed the emails were not delivered to my HTC Titan II, while my Nokia Lumia 900 picked up the same. When I looked into time when the emails stopped delivered, the last message was received at 2.00PM. So forced it to download the messages, and it came out with errors in syncing with Windows Live, Exchange, Office 365, GMail, Yahoo! I was surprised and the phone was dragging to halt. I checked my SMS, and there also it was the same. I tried the phone part, it worked fine. I took a snap, there I see a lag, which I never noticed before. I thought probably a reboot would fix the situation, and viola, like I guessed, the phone started working fine.

I have to reboot my HTC EVO 3D, Samsung Galaxy Tab definitely every week. I have to reboot my Motorola Atrix almost once every alternate day. Well, iPhone probably once in a month or two.

Windows Phone probably would last longer than these other “Smartphones”. The Samsung Focus, I used before had to be rebooted 3 or 4 times in a year of its usage. Titan, I had to reboot only once in 5 months of its usage. I am waiting on Nokia Lumia 900 reboot requirements. I bought these two almost at the same time. The common thing in these phones is all of them are powered by Windows Phone 7.5. And Windows Phone is rock solid and even if the underlying hardware platform sucks, the OS is stable and keeps the phone running, which is most important factor. OTOH, no matter of how powerful the hardware platform with latest processors and sensors, if the underlying OS is not hardened for stability, it brings the phone its knees.

After about 4 months of usage, I finally rebooted my HTC Titan II for the first time. Wow. Our of curiosity, does anyone else experience the same stability with Windows Phone? What about other Smartphone platforms like Blackberry, Android, and iOS?


  1. android? lol yea right, its recommenced you reboot that thing twice a day like some sort of headache medicine. I never reboot my lumia! EVER! great read!

  2. I have a first Gen focus and never reboot. Its a shame that Microsoft is making the same decisions about how they market that Novell did. I will buy the Nokia Lumnia 920 because this phone has been very responsive and has been a pleasure to own.

  3. The stability of windows phone amazes me. Before I switched to HTC Trophy from Verizon, I had my Motorola Droid X replaced 4 times, Droid X2 replaced by HTC Incredible 2, which was in turn replaced twice before asking for HTC Trophy. I had to pay $49 for the switch to Trophy, but it was worth it. I have not called Verizon tech support for anything since September last year that I switched. I rebooted the Trophy only twice just because I was messing with the phone. Windows phone is solid, and Microsoft has got a winner here if only they can get their act together.

  4. I have rebooted my htc hd7 Windows phone with Mango after 1 year and 3 months for the First and only time because there were several Bugs in daily usage. For example the battery has only a few hours kept and wi-fi and 3g could not work together and last but not least the Performance was very slow and very strange error messages appeared. Now after the reset the problems are gone and I’m happy about it.
    Greetings from Germany,

  5. I have to reboot my lumia 800 about every week.
    The home screen just turns to a crawl and scrolling up/down is so laggy that it seems like 5-10fps or something.

    This happend all the way from mango to tango and is still ongoing….

    • @Timbo
      Hmmm. This is the first time I am hearing that the WP crawls in stead of running. Perhaps you have lots of media stored on the phone without a breathing room for it to hold on. I don’t know just a thought. I know this because my friends iPhone 4S needs a reboot every alternate day because he keeps a lot of media (music, videos and pictures) on the phone leaving just under 2 GB of storage. And he can’t update most of his apps because of this.

      OTOH, if you take Android, you have to reboot at least once a day definitely even without media on it. :D

  6. I think I’ve shut down the Surround about 4 times in the 2 years I’ve had it. For some reason, sometimes the XBox Live won’t load, and a shut down does the trick.
    I’ve pulled the battery maybe 4 times, but not since early this year I think. There was a period where Gleek was just stalling the system HARD, and shut down wasn’t enough, but that’s been resolved.

    I can’t say that I pulled battery or softbooted my Fuze even that much. But then, I was flashing it at least once a month after I’d had it for about 2 months.

  7. What?!! I have to reboot my Titan everyday. This is my second one. Got this one as a replacement seven months apart. My start screen slows to a crawl or doesn’t respond sometimes. Not to mention losing internet connection for no reason. Had the some issue with my Focus. Still love WP, but I reboot as much as I did with WM.

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