I posted a long time ago, July 31st to be precise about FreedomPop and I just thought I’d let you know that sign-ups are now live! If you don’t remember what FreedomPop is, well it’s a portable hotspot essentially but it’s free. They’re only doing a limited number of sign-ups so hurry up and get in on it. Well technically it’s not free, but it is. They do require a deposit of either $49 or $99 depending on which device you get. Link is below, follow the prompts and see if it’s available in your area. I wonder if they’d send me one for review? One of those 4G hotspots would be cool!



FreedomPop is LIVE and we’re accepting a limited number of signups for our 100% free high speed Internet service during our beta period.

We’re only accepting a limited number of signups during our beta period, signup today before its too late!

Signup Here





  1. I did get one. The only thing is my area is still under nonavailability, but hey I would be using this not yet home, but outside and most of the places where I would go are covered. :D

  2. I was going to get the HotSpots until I saw it’s $99… sadly I’m broke right now and don’t have $100 to spare.. kids and all that y’know, not much in the way of money for frivolous things.. oh well..

  3. Looks like it’s worth trying and it is available in my area. With wifi at home and at work is 500mb a month plenty of data? I’d like to use it in the car for my wifi only iPad. Just curious – I have no perspective on how much 500 mb of data is.

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