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5 Minute Posts About Something Cool Episode 5

Every once in a while, a device will come along that people can’t help but continue to develop for, even after some owners have moved on to other hardware. Come see for yourself why the HD2 continues to be one of these “renaissance devices” after the break.

A couple weeks ago, I did a “throwback” episode of our “5 Minute Posts About Something Cool” section where I covered some recent development on the aging (but still full of life) HTC Blue Angel. In a recent episode of XDA TV, the host covered a similar piece of news that I found very interesting in this department on the timeless HTC HD2, which has practically been the “unofficial phone of the year” since its release and received a lot of support in the way of custom ROMs and ports of Android (and even WM7). This time, they’ve done it again with a port of Android “Jellybean”. “Smokin901” has a thread over on the XDA DEVELOPERS forums with more information, but from the XDA DEVELOPERS blogpost, it looks pretty complete with many features already working correctly:

Mobile Data 3G/2G
Voice Calls
Sound check download page for fix
Video Playback
USB Mass Storage

This is more then can be said for some early attempts at Jellybean on even some newer devices, and one of the only things still broken on it is the camera feature. It’s great to see development on older devices like this and even though I don’t own an HD2, I continue to look forward to progress made on this as this will extend the useful life of the device for people looking to move on and upgrade from Windows Mobile.

.:Albert Bunn

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