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Flyin’ Ryan, Tell Me What to Buy!

Untitled imageI spotted an RC helicopter on Newegg and figured teaching my infant how to crash a helicopter would be a good father-son activity, you know? And it was. But my sweet lil’ baby was dissatisfied with the helicopter’s yaw rate and demanded a better-handling aircraft.

So I poked around Youtube for information and found Flyin’ Ryan RC, a “nano” copter catching my eye, and was both impressed with the nanocopter and further impressed with Ryan as a knowledgeable, trustworthy reviewer of all sorts and sizes of remote controlled toys. Here’s the first video, and the thing I ended up buying for the baby.

Update: I’m having fun with the Hubsan Q4 that Ryan recommended but due to excessive crashing I am losing propellers and wouldn’t mind a few more batteries. Fortunately Flyin’ Ryan includes, in his Youtube descriptions, links to the best deals from trustworthy vendors that he could find, so I’ll try out which has the quadcopter, propellers and battery for pretty cheap. Hope they ship fast…

Ryan sounds like a guy you could hang with and count on to have a guitar, a joint and an autonomous quadrocopter on hand at all times to kick back and record a Grateful Dead acoustic jam session, while taking a break between songs for him to explain how much propeller guards cut into your battery life and the advantages of toggling yaw rate modes and throttle trim with non-stock remotes.

He sounds like a guy who could sit you down, maybe get you a little high and snap you out of your misguided notion that you need to spend extra for a micro helicopter that lets you control the rotor collective instead of just the throttle just so that you can hover upside-down.

Ryan knows when it’s time to interrupt your Amazon binge to light up a smooth spliff and caution you that if you don’t get a remote with enough range for your gas powered RC speedboat, you run the risk of losing the boat into the sunset, comparing it to the Malaysian 370H flight in a trippy manner.

Flyin’ Ryan is one of those guys who makes you wish you could go eight years back in time and attempt to turn reviewing free RC toys on Youtube into a lucrative and fun day job. I don’t know, maybe it’s not too late, though you’d need to come up with something that Flyin’ Ryan doesn’t bring to the table.

Doug Simmons

Oh yeah, here’s me and my baby earlier today, cute stuff:



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