According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is going to be subpoenaed by the FTC over anticompetitive practices. They note that this is part of an anti-trust investigation to see if they are using their dominance illegally.

The new FTC investigation…will examine fundamental issues relating to Google’s core search advertising business, which still accounts for the overwhelming majority of its revenues. Those will include whether Google—which accounts for around two-thirds of internet searches in the U.S. and more abroad—unfairly channels users to its own growing network of services at the expense of rivals’.

It’s obviously too early to speculate on the precious actions they are looking into and the scope of this investigation but these are the types of inquiries that led to Microsoft getting its hands tied behind its back while its rivals road past them so it may be nothing or it may be something big.

To be continued…

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  1. I sincerely hope that Google doesn’t get slammed with an anti-trust suit that leads into some assclown-ish settlement a la Microsoft. A competitive marketplace (something that Google is in many of) spawns innovation and makes it better consumers (Manufacturers/web developers have to put out high quality stuff cheaper).

    Google was/is one of the most innovative companies in the world, I would hate to see them stifled.

  2. I don’t know all the facts here, but from my observation, the key difference is the MS was forceful bundling IE into their OS, to kill netscape. Google is just providing links.

  3. @ryusen: Google does more than just provide links. They use their marketshare to coerce companies to do as they say or risk being excluded from early details with details and future releases.

    I remember it wasn’t three years ago that Google was getting all positive press. Times change quickly in this day and age.

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