Not sure if this counts to fit under the iPhone category, but I consider anything by Apple to be pretty much the same.. This one here though is actually a decent deal, it’s free after all, and if I had an iPad I’d certainly go and grab this one..

Label Interactive, a leading innovator in interactive design and game development, today announced that Game Table for the Apple iPad will be available on the Apple App Store for free this weekend. Game Table will be free June 18th – June 21st. Take advantage of this great offer and get your game on with dad!

Imagine all of your favorite board games with no small pieces to lose. Game Table delivers your classic game collection in electronic format. You provide the competition — and the action.

"Game Table isn’t a typical video game," explains Jeff Juliard, Label Interactive founder and president. "There are no ‘rules’ built in. Game Table simply provides gorgeous, photorealistic tables, game pieces, and a virtual deck of cards, along with an intuitive way for users to interact with them. You can play your favorite classic games any way, anywhere, and anytime you want without ever having to worry about lost pieces."

Detailed, photo-realistic game tables, boards, and pieces
A virtual deck of cards with the ability to move, stack, flip, and shuffle
Poker chips and dealer button on Poker Table
Checkers, Chess, Reversi, Go, and Cards
More games coming soon as free updates
Auto-saves the position of all your pieces when you exit the app
Multiple table backgrounds
Simulated physics or snap to squares option

Pricing & Availability

Game Table is normally priced at $0.99 (USD) and is now available for download on Apple’s iTunes App Store:

For additional information and press images, please visit the website at:


  1. This article reminds me of something. You know what’s remarkable? In spite of all that whining about blocking out Adobe’s Flash crap from pumping applications into the App Store stifling developers with no actual programming skills and blah blah blah, what do you know, we’ve still got some new ipad board games according to you guys.

    Anyway. Yesterday some guy asked me for my “professional opinion” on whether or not he should make an all-Flash website as he wants to go with Flash but he’s afraid he’ll disappoint iphone and ipad visitors. I’d post my response to him here but I don’t want my comment to get caught up in your naughty word filter.


  2. He’s just back to his normal incoherent ramblings, I think it has something to do with missing his Apple medications and I thought Lard ass was just how he signed his name.

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