Glympse is a highly acclaimed app that lets you send a link to share your location in real time to a person or group for a limited period of time (for free). It’s already available for Android and iPhone and it’s received some great reviews.

Here’s the official description for Windows Phones:

Glympse is the simple and private way to share your location.
Want to let someone know where you are? Just send a Glympse!
Install and be sharing your location in real-time with others in seconds! No sign-up, no passwords, no new social network to manage.
Glympse sends a link with your ongoing location to anyone via Email or SMS (US-only at this time). Best of all, the recipient doesn’t need any special software to be able to see your location. They get a link that shows your real-time position, and optionally your speed, a message, a destination, and your ETA. And, Glympse makes it hassle free by only sharing your location for the time period you choose, and then it automatically stops

And here’s a video to give you a sense as to what it is:

Seems like a neat concept so if you want to check it out it’s available in the Social category in Marketplace now.


  1. Used this on my Tilt2 a few times. This version looks to have a much nicer interface. Good find.

  2. Same as you Jim i used it on mt TP2 and Mogul. I loved this app and was going to contact the developers to see if it was coming to windows phone. I used it to let my wife know exactly how close I was to the house or where I was at from returning out of town. Its one of those things that puts the people that care about you at ease and also can be used in a business setting because your colleagues can see exactly how far out you are and when they can expect you.

    Another great, QUALITY app that will get the proper attention it deserves. I promise that even if I have to do it on my own.

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