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Glympse Real Times Location Sharing App Available For WP7

Glympse is a highly acclaimed app that lets you send a link to share your location in real time to a person or group for a limited period of time (for free). It’s already available for Android and iPhone and it’s received some great reviews.

Here’s the official description for Windows Phones:

Glympse is the simple and private way to share your location.
Want to let someone know where you are? Just send a Glympse!
Install and be sharing your location in real-time with others in seconds! No sign-up, no passwords, no new social network to manage.
Glympse sends a link with your ongoing location to anyone via Email or SMS (US-only at this time). Best of all, the recipient doesn’t need any special software to be able to see your location. They get a link that shows your real-time position, and optionally your speed, a message, a destination, and your ETA. And, Glympse makes it hassle free by only sharing your location for the time period you choose, and then it automatically stops

And here’s a video to give you a sense as to what it is:

Seems like a neat concept so if you want to check it out it’s available in the Social category in Marketplace now.