I just got done loading Google Chrome on my iPad and I have to say it is really cool and I look for it to be my browser of choice going forward. A few settings and bookmark issues that I am working out but I think all in all it is very good. But one thing we have been talking about here behind the scenes is if it s the actual Google Chrome Engine that is powering this browser? We got our answer and that is no ah ah. It is actually the iOS Web View. So sorry folks, if you were thinking that you were getting true Chrome goodness, think again.

The incognito mode is pretty cool as well but another draw back, unsurprisingly so, is that Chrome cannot be made the default browser. Well, open you up a can Chrome and enjoy!

App Store link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chrome/id535886823?mt=8



  1. It doesn’t bother me that it is iOS Web View. I have been really wanting a way to sync my chrome bookmarks to iOS. This news made my day yesterday.

  2. This is great for our test iPad here at work. I can use the Chrome to device plugin to send our iPad specific site url to our test iPad and save me some typing. And the book mark sync works great also. This is a big win.

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