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Scoble Scoffs at Apple’s New MacBook Pro Price Tag

Robert Scoble is a very well known Tech Blogger and someone, in short, that has a lot of people’s ears. He posted something yesterday that we here behind the scenes at Mobility Digest were talking about directly after the WWDC yesterday: Apple’s high price for their latest MacBook Pro and how moving to the next and greatest tech gadget may not be in everyone’s budget or best interest. The second part of his article that I found interesting was his lack of need for a laptop or pc because of his productivity with an iPad. Something I can relate to. I no longer take my 17 inch warhorse laptop home anymore and can be perfectly productive with my iPad using a variety of apps and, when the need arises, GoToMyPc for the rare occasions I need an old archived document or whatever. I realize before I get comments the plethora of cloud options available to negate my need for GoToMyPc and I use SkyDrive, iCloud and Google for the majority of those needs.

So Scoble makes fun of  MG Siegler in the same scary way that I made fun of Mobility Digest contributor and iEverything guru Chris Leiter. He has a much higher budget for gadgets than I do (which I thought was high) and apparently a very VERY forgiving wife! But like Scoble, there is tremendous opportunity to make smaller scale devices more functional in our everyday lives to avoid a 2K plus purchase of a new MacBook Pro. Scoble goes on to say how he is perfectly productive typing on his iPad and how he typed over a thousand words at WWDC yesterday. I myself have typed many business reports from my iPad without issue and enjoyed the small footprint my tablet takes up in my briefcase!

This article wasn’t necessarily a plug for Apple’s iPad either. We are closing in on Windows 8 and all the phone and tablet goodness that will spawn forth from it. The point was that even though Tech Manufacturers will be releasing high end gadgets and technology, we can look to their smaller counterparts for almost as much productivity at a fraction of the cost.