In a rare move for Google, they’ve remove the official Grooveshark app from the Android Market stating that it violates their policies. Apparently, Grooveshark is in a bit of a legal mess with the music industry going after them for copyright infringement. This follows a move from Apple to remove the app from the App Store. If you’re a Windows Phone user, you’re probably aware that Music Shark is a Grooveshark client for Windows Phones…or at least it was. It’s no longer available in the Marketplace but it was not removed from phones that already had it installed. I’m speculating that the rationale behind this revocation is the same.

I have no idea if Grooveshark is playing by the rules but since there’s so much doubt surrounding them, it seems lie the right thing to do. Agree?


  1. Wondered why Music Shark hasn’t had any updates. It’s good for hearing a song that’s in your head, but the interface could definitely use some cleaning up. I had wondered why MS would allow this when they are trying to sell Zune subscriptions. Throw in the legal ramifications, I am really surprised. But I honestly think the Zune pass is the better way to go. As soon as I get my tax refund, I’m buying a one-year subscription and forgetting about it. All the unlimited music I could ever want! (with the exception of a few lesser-known bands and European DJs)

  2. Just use SciLor’s GrooveMobile or SciLor’s GrooveDownloader for Windows Mobile. There’s nothing but crap in those “app”le stores.

    – 2 Bunny

  3. What really sucks is i had this app before the update. When i updated my phone screwed up and had to get wiped and now I cant re download it. FML.

  4. […] I just live getting snarky emails from Doug Smith whenever something doesn’t happen for Windows phones – thanks big guy. So of course yesterday I get an email with “Sorry David” and a link to the WPCentral article where they states that they do not intend to make a native Windows Phone app. Of course, I told Doug to spend more time reading his own site.  This was 10 months ago: […]

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