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Have Less Headaches, Get a Focus

When I was younger my parents would always say, “Sit back from that TV!” I was reminded of this because after staring at my Fuze for too long I started getting a headache. I did a bit of research and it turns out that sitting too close to the TV was actually bad for me. To me, a screen is a screen and if you are too close to your phone’s screen you might want to consider holding it further away or simply getting reading glasses. I have had plenty of optometrist visits in my life, my eyes are pretty bad. Every time I change my optometrist one of the first things they ask is if I use the computer or watch TV and where I sit to view the screens. So if my optometrist is concerned, shouldn’t we all be? My way of resolving this viewing distance issue in my life would be to get a larger screen. That way I can hold it back further and get less headaches from prolonged use. So far, the largest screen size for the Windows Phones coming to ATT is 4” on the Focus. I am going for it, not just because it is my favorite out of all of them, but for health reasons too 🙂