No I did not spell it wrong… You are reading it right! image Towers of Glennoi! This is a great make of the ancient puzzle game Towers of Hanoi.  The game runs very smooth and has pretty simple yet effective sound effects.  The game automatically changes your phone to landscape view which is helpful because otherwise it wouldn’t be to nice.  The specifications say that it will run correctly on “All Resolutions” which is very impressive for any game!  It was written by Glenn Devleeschouwer and you can download it here from his page.  Now for some more pics BEFORE THE BREAK! (haha fooled you!)

image image

And thats about as high as I’ll go :) It gets tricky…

The current version is 1.3 and again, go download it here!

UPDATE: Just forgot to mention that it IS free! and if you like it be sure to give some love ($$$) to Glenn.  People like him make our phones all that much better!


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