steve“You’re holding it wrong!”

Yeah, remember, that’s what Apple said about the iPhone 4’s antenna.  Well, that’s what they’re saying (basically) about the purple exposure when you take pictures with the iPhone 5.  (Or as my husband commented, “The camera sucks.”)

A Gizmodo reader tried to get an answer about the mysterious purple-ing on pictures, and after first being told ‘well that’s not right,’ he got this little gem of an email:

Dear {redacted},

Our engineering team just gave me this information and we recommend that you angle the camera away from the bright light source when taking pictures. The purple flare in the image provided is considered normal behavior for iPhone 5’s camera. If you wish to reach me regarding this case number *********, please contact me at 1-877-***-**** ext. *******. I currently work {redacted}. If you reach my voicemail, please leave your name, phone number, case number and the best time to reach you. Email is ***********

AppleCare Support

So remember, boys and girls, it’s not the device’s fault – it’s YOURS.  You don’t think “correctly.”

Android & WP hardware manufacturers: OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING.  Again.  Why can’t you people capitalize on this stuff??  I’m not advocating Apple to fail totally, just get knocked down to reality.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it: I want to see market share to even out and become more competitive.  The consumers will win.  Do you see the innovations happening in WP? This is what happens when you need to scramble for market share. Do you see Apple’s complacency? This is what happens when you’re so far ahead, you don’t have to care.

Source: Gizmodo


  1. Well, you’re taking pictures wrongly. Gawsh, when Nokia released their Lumia 900, they immediately credited $100 to whoever bought the phone in the first two weeks – data connectivity issue – and released fix, no questions asked. They should have follwed Apple and said, “you are connecting wrongly – ding”. :)

  2. Why cant they capitalize? Because when all is said and done, Microsoft in particular is incompetent and too slow to react. Just weeks away from Windows 8 and lets be honest, no one knows about it. But you can bet when the ipad mini is announced the media will blow up and there will be lines of people waiting to buy, again.

    As good as Windows 8 is (been using the Enterprise RTM trial), its obviously unfinished, the desktop looks out of place and looks poor compared to the Metro interface, there’s no compelling hardware, RT is crippled, no apps (to the point that people are hailing AMD bring android apps to W8, nevermind the inconsistent UI and lack of W8 features like Live Tiles) and everything we’ve seen so far is overpriced. They are heading for a huge failure and will have no one but themselves to blame because they wont just get off their asses and execute!

  3. I completely agree on the lack of advertising. Total business fail.

    I haven’t been able to play more with Win8 (my desktop took a nosedive in August), so I haven’t seen what more they’ve done with it. I can see how it would be great on a touch-screen device, but I don’t know yet about changing. I have had no issues with 7. I haven’t seen the pricing of apps, much less the pricing of the tablets. I’m really afraid they will overprice the tablets.

  4. It will all be much clearer in 3.5 short weeks. Must have seen that IE9 commercial 20 times this weekend. They are just preparing you for what is to come. Exciting days ahead, indeed.

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