imageMany gamers are raging about Microsoft’s dial-home once every 24hrs feature built into their next generation Xbox One. Sony is being championed for their sensibility and yet as the picture to the right shows Sony has an entire page promoting features that, you guessed it, requires an online connection to make happen.

Every time I talk to friends who game heavily they are talking about online multiplayer and how much value that adds to the experience. The reality is that very few people like to game alone. So the same hardcore gamers who are raging against Microsoft are the same gamers who will be logging in online to get their game on daily.It is like people are complaining for the sake of complaining.

I have news for you. If you’re buying a several hundred dollar gaming machine and yet don’t feel the need to pay for a broadband connection your priorities are screwed up. The internet is a place I go to and grow my knowledge base, I research topics that interest me and it helps my kids discover the much broader world that they live in. So please save me the cries that Microsoft is being unfair and are blowing it by having their console dial-home once a day to make sure things are as they should be. Citing obscure case uses to justify your complaints aren’t good enough.

Image Source: Playstation Online


  1. Agreed. And at least I know there will be an active market for me to unload my “connection not required” XBox 360 this Fall.

  2. Long time reader, not many comments… No offense, but that was one of the worst articles I’ve ever read here. How obscure is this scenario? I’m in the Navy and I can’t have internet while I am floating in the Pacific or in theater Iraq and Afghanistan. So no more creating a LAN and gaming with my buddies, I for one not be buying the X1 and informing everyone I know about this BS crippling without internet crap.

  3. @Jeremy-First off I appreciate your service for our country. Your situation is unique and represents a particular scenario that needs to be brought to Microsoft’s attention and get a suitable solution to. I’ll be looking into and pushing this issue with the Xbox team.

  4. Would appreciate that. Highly doubt they’ll change it though because I have a feeling its part of their DRM. Just disappointing to me because I was looking for a single ecosystem between my WP8, Surface RT, and X1 gaming console.

  5. In the end Microsoft would have to do something about your type of situation. Its just not patriotic to screw over the soldiers and would be their ultimate PR nightmare.

  6. Actually, I’ve run across a few unique situations as well. I have several friends who have parents that love to game, but are retired on a fixed income & can’t afford broadband. These parents were gifted these systems & enjoy what they have very much. In order to update they go over to their kids’ houses to use their connection. Obviously this isn’t going to work on the new design.

  7. Doesnt matter if the issue is overblown or not. Fact is there is another option which does not have these restrictions, has just as good games and is cheaper. Sounds like the better option and if the tables were turned that would be the opinion of all MS fan sites.

    Lets not gloss over the problem MS has with the Xbox 1, they have to match what Sony is offering or accept that this gen they will be second place.

  8. Not going to lie, Kinect kicks the crap out of PS Eye thing which wasn’t even mentioned with PS4 and X1 is bundled with Kinect. Not to mention I am extremely curious and may get the X1 just for its media center capabilities. If my DirecTV can interact with the X1 and the X1 can interact with my DLNA Plex server (PS UI for this sucks), play Netflix, Amazon instant video, etc. I may end up getting the X1 way later down the road.

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