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Windows Phone 2012 Strategy

Supersite For Windows’s Paul Thurrott has once again shared the gist of Microsoft and their Windows Phone OEM partners’ strategy for making Windows Phone relevant. To say everyone invested in the Windows Phone ecosystem is putting their money where their mouth is would be an understatement.  Thurrott cites internal Microsoft documentation that outlines the strategy.  Here are the key points.

  • RSPs (Retail Sales Professionals) will start being given sales incentives for pushing Windows Phones.  The key differentiator for Microsoft is in addition to monetary incentives Microsoft is also utilizing, awesomely, their vast ecosystem to incentitize the sales professionals.  Items include Xbox 360s, Kinect, Xbox games, pizza, etc.
  • Nokia is spending 2-to-1 compared to Microsoft on marketing their Windows Phones.  How much do you ask? How does $130 million to market the Lumia 900 “Ace” which is exclusively on AT&T strike you!moneybag01
  • Samsung and HTC are also set to spend tens of millions of dollars promoting their Windows Phones in the coming months.
  • Windows Phone is a central part of Microsoft’s strategy going forward.

When you put this together with how much the Metro user interface is to Microsoft’s overall 2012 strategy you can see how important this information is.  There will be Windows 8 PCs, Ultrabooks and Tablets flooding the market come fall and this gives the global awareness of the Metro user interface a huge boost leading into the Q4 release of Windows Phone 8.

Source: Supersite For Windows