Just when you thought you’ve seen everything Microsoft drops this:

So what is this? Microsoft went into detail about Windows 8 on ARM today. They note:

As we mentioned, a portion of Windows is generally built with code that can be made to work on ARM in a technically straightforward manner. These subsystems include the Windows desktop and applets and supporting APIs, though we needed to significantly re-architect all of them for better resource and power utilization. In fact, here is an early photo of an ARM device (an early Windows phone) running the full Windows desktop. Early in the development of WOA, the only hardware we had were existing ARM devices such as phones (ARM tablets didn’t yet exist). We just thought you would enjoy a few fairly early photos I captured of debug WOA all loaded in RAM (unretouched). Note: This is not a product plan or even a hint at a product.

so this isn’t coming but you can now sense that it works on phone hardware and it’s an ‘early Windows Phone’ so it’s 1ghz for sure.


  1. I’m so excited I can’t wait. I’ll gladly buy my wife an iPad just so I can laugh hysterically come this fall when I grab my “PC” and take it with me anywhere I go and share files between my phone, desktop media editing pc and my ARM device which i’m sure will be an ASUS or Nokia.

    Are ultrabooks already obsolete before they proliferate the market?

  2. I just hope that Microsoft does do something stupid like the usually tend to do that would jeopardize this. I would love to see Apple fall a bit

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  4. Meh. Windows 8 is such a crap, that even the low quality Android skins looking better.

    Burn it with fire !

  5. Already seen the Windows 8 Beta. Looks like windows 3 and WinCE all in one. I seem to remember those that couldn’t wait for vista either… One note you can already share files with an iPad or most devices to that matter.

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