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Samsung Focus to be my champion

IMG_0058After playing with a few of the Windows Phones at the launch event, it was clear as day to see! All these phones had the exact same experience. Gone are they days where you would have to stand by HTC because you knew sense UI would be your savior.

Because of this, my brief time spent with the Focus fostered a strange feeling. I knew deep down inside, I would be leaving HTC for the first time in almost 6 years. WHOA! Even though the HTC Surround had a much better feel to it, and much better build quality; it just couldn’t snap me out of this trans.

The first major part of my decision was made after seeing and using the screen. Wow what a beautiful screen. And unlike the iPhone 4, Wow what a big screen. It wasn’t as big as my HD2, but it was sure as hell big enough!

The second major part of my decision was just made based on a Gizmodo Post comparing the current smartphones’ cameras. After using the iPhone 4 for sometime now, I can admit the single handedly best feature on that thing is the camera. It really performs! After seeing the Samsung Epic beating out even the iPhone 4, I am convinced!

With the beautiful 4” screen and solid camera, the Focus will be my device of choice on launch day. I would also like to give a really big thumbs up to Microsoft for finally fixing a huge problem in their eco system. With the user experience the same across all devices, its now back to picking a phone that offers the hardware specs you want and feels best in your hand.