Microsoft is way behind Apple in the OS department, and they know it. The platform recently fell below 2% in overall smartphone marketshare.

The company has come up with a creative marketing ploy to attract users of other platformto its mobile OS: an interactive website. The page fully immerses visitors into the Windows Phone UI.

Simply enter in the mobile browser of your iPhone or Android device, and you’ll be taken to a web version of Windows Phone. You can scroll through multiple features that are on Windows Phone and see what its like to own one.

Interaction is limited to Microsoft’s pre-programmed demos, so you don’t get the full experience of Live Tiles — one of Windows Phone’s best features.


  1. Sweet I was hoping this would get posted here. I gave it a spin and it does feel very Zune like. I do like the interface. Still not sold though cant wait to try out a ice cream sandwich device. Mainly due to app price and availibilty. I am liking gingerbread on my touchpad so galaxy nexus will probably be my next phone.

  2. Good lord… what’s all the hype about?!  That’s the most aggravating interface I’ve ever used.

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