We all have our favorite devices and most mobile tech enthusiasts are pretty passionate about their platform of choice. I thought it might be funny to post how our own Ramon Trotman spends a leisurely afternoon heckling Apple Store Employees:

I do shit like… walk up in the Apple grand central store and ask if they sell wireless chargers for a Nokia 920! And when the guy looks at me… I say… “I thought you guys had all the innovative stuff?… which way is best buy?”

Do you have a funny Apple Store experience to share? Drop a comment about an Apple store or any mobile tech related story that made you laugh.


  1. LoL. I always make sure I have Nokia Lumia shirt or Windows Phone shirt (which AT&T gave away when they launched original Windows Phone November 8th, 2010) whenever I visit local Apple stores here in St. Louis. :D

  2. Marti, look at her. She must be thinking who the heck is this troubler. Is he naive or dumb enough to ask for Sammy at a Fruit store? LoL.

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