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Is That A Nipple In Marketplace? [Update: It Is]

We know there are tight restrictions on what can pass app certification for WP7 but this feels like a Seinfeld episode to me. Take a look at the icon for Perfect Weight. I know I see nipples everywhere but come on, you see it right?

Oh here’s the app description if anyone cares (like buying Playboy for the articles):

Tracking your weight has never been easier!
Find out what your perfect weight is by simply entering your height, that’s all!
Use our proven scientific method of calculating your perfect weight to set your diet goal.
Follow the evolution of your weight over time on the chart and see when you should watch your weight more often.
Compute your Body Mass Index (BMI) to keep and follow your goal during your diet.
This tool is the perfect companion when following a diet, to keep or gain a healthy weight, or simply if you are curious to know how healthy you are compared to others.

Update: Well Mr. Simmons dropped it into the old Photoshop and you can see his results below. It’s a nipple folks. Giddy and childish laughter ensues…