Just a few days ago we got a leaked photo of the HTC Omega Windows Phone device all cloaked in white. The Omega will sport the Mango Update for Windows phone as well as rumored Snapdragon MSM8255 1.5Ghz processor (single core) and a 3.8 inch Super LCD screen. Also loaded is an 8 mega pixel camera for the first white Windows Phone device. In this leaked picture we get a look at the UI in white and blue as well and I really like how easy it is on the eyes. Remember back in the Windows Mobile days how the GTX ROMS where popular?

The photo we have for you today has been spotted in the wild at a Algerian auction site. The white with silver trim Omega is also rumored to debut at an HTC Event scheduled to be held in London this week. So will we officially come to know you HTC Omega? We hope so, along with the Eternity!

[ouedkniss via engadget]


  1. I like the fact HTC went with a different color scheme for the phone. The big change I want to see is with their cameras. I find myself recording and taking pictures more than I ever thought I would mostly due to my baby daughter.

  2. @theenforcer000: Since Google released the Panda update, it has been bad with Adsense. You know in this particular article there is only one right? It is the double underlined one. The rest are my links I added (waiting for Simmons to blast me). I may link a little too much. Just trying to improve our bounce rate. :)

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