And I thought porting was something we did no Windows Mobile only. Looks like Heathcliff74 of XDA has put together a version of the HTC HUB that works on all Windows Phones. It’s not the latest version of it (so there’s no live tile support) but nonetheless it is a working version. Here’s what it looks like on a Samsung device:

And it’s as simple as installing a XAP so this is a homebrew only app. It’s available here from XDA.


  1. Honestly, the HTC Hub was always crapware to me…I uninstalled it after I played with it for a few minutes. The weather section looked cool but it’s not like the Android version and requires too many clicks to get to it from the main screen.

    What I think would be more popular would be the Flashlight app! unless it uses custom HTC drivers…that would be a shame

  2. Flashlight app does need HTC drivers but XDA is working on it. Only use the Hub as a separator on my Start screen. But may give that “black tile” trick a try instead. Sort of tired of looking at the hub.

  3. Now you’re Samsung or LG device can have the same 3G-data hungry behavior, formerly only available on HTC devices…

  4. I have suspected that. But figure even if I uninstall the Hub, the code is probably so intertwined that it wouldn’t matter. Today is day 31 of my monthly cycle. 1244MB for the month with Wi/Fi on 24/7 since day 2 of this month/cycle. 89MB yesterday and I never left WiFi range.

  5. @jimski: That shouldn’t be the case, code intertwined. Windows Phone 7 sandboxes apps (much like iOS), both in installation and execution such that unlike Windows, uninstalling an app should remove all traces of it, it’s support libraries, and resulting behavior.

  6. Yes. I would believe that with anything “other” than HTC hub. You may very well be right, but you know there have got to be drivers and other things that HTC loaded onto my device that may not be removed or disabled.

    OK, testing has begun. Hub is outta here.

  7. You know, I haven’t used the HTC Hub past the first week. Weather Channel for a live tile weather app, what doesn’t fit on the home hub I can find on the application list, Flashlight is pinned to the home hub… Um, so let us know how the removal goes @jimski.

  8. You install Flashlight, along with all the other HTC apps onto your phone. They don’t go away. And if you ever want to get HTC Hub back, just open Marketplace/HTC apps and reinstall it. You can also select all the other HTC apps from Marketplace, so no reason for the Hub, unless you really like to view HTC weather.

    As noted, I was only using it as a separator, but i simply found a jet black image online, zoomed in to make the screen black and pinned the website to my Start screen twice. Instant black separator.

    I will let you (and the World) know if there is any change in my data usage.

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