Having gone what seems an eternity without the proper level of promotion the awesomely large and awe inspiring HTC Titan is given a cameo in the hit We Are Young debut video by the group Fun.  I don’t know what is more awesome.  The fact the lady has awesome taste or the fact the Titan was clearly built for this. The Titan gets hurled clear across the room in slow motion showcasing the Windows Phone start screen in full glory.  Behold!  Be patient, as the Titan debuts at around the 30 second mark and again a few seconds later.

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Source: WPCentral


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  2. But why did they have to find an actress that is 4’2 inches tall to hold it? It looks like a tablet in her hand when actually the Titan is the same size as the Android Motorola RAZR.

  3. Doug, that’s because they are damn near tablets.. the Streak was a tablet first, a phone second.. right? Yeah, these monstrosities are only a few fractions of an inch smaller than that.

    Big phones in the hands of ‘normal sized’ people look big.

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