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Verizon Launches Nokia Lumia 928 Ad That Targets iPhone 5 & Samsung GS4

verizonlumia928screencapVerizon (VZW) showed up big time and is clearly putting its money and creative agencies to good use with its new Nokia Lumia 928 ad. The ad checks all the desirable boxes for me and I suspect most others. Taking on the heavyweights directly shows you’re confident in your product. Naming a specific feature that is heavily used and weighted by smartphone users and producing side-by-side superiority shots is taking it to another level. Showing the camera in fun situations that most of us really encounter makes the commercial golden. Lastly, getting the geek speak out of the way and letting the phone’s capabilities sell itself makes this commercial priceless. In short, way to go Verizon. You’re the long lost carrier partner Windows Phone needed to show off such a great phone to the roughly 50% of smartphone users in the U.S. that don’t belong to AT&T.

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