HTC’s Peter Chou says they are “Super Confident” in their new Windows Phones

Peter Chou expresses his confidence in the Windows Phone 8 platform to a BBC reporter. He not only says he is “super confident” about the device because it is so much better than any other phone out there, but he even goes so far as to call the phone a “hero” device. I would have to agree with mostly everything he says, except for one little detail, the Lumia 920 exists. If HTC can retain the crown and win the fight for the apple of Microsoft’s eye remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, two “hero” phones (Lumia 920 and 8X) fighting for the right to win will help the platform be that much better! Check out the video below.


source wmpoweruser


  1. As much as I love to see another OEM excited about such a great OS, I wonder if HTC would be this excited if they weren’t in the situation they’re in. My answer to that, probably not. But, either way, its goid for the consumers who want a grest WP8 device and its good for Microsoft. This only helps push the OS into the minds of consumers, who otherwise, may not have considered a WP. Also, this will hopefully be the start of other OEMs putting out at more new WPs more often. There’s no need for WP to not have a new device every six months as opposed to once a year.

    I say six months because, I would like to see quality phones, not just cheap snap together models, with marginal, if any improvements in tech specs. Lets hope MS will take advantage of this and show the world that they are serious about giving consumers a more uniformed OS that can work very well with other MS products.

    Now, the trick will be for MS to some how get the mobile carriers onboard with an update schedule for WP. Example, if MS announces that they are releasing an minor or major update, they need to make sure that they can get all carriers who sell WPs, to push out the updates within a three month period to all phones, not just specific ones. That alone would show consumers that MS at its core, supports all WP models, no matter the OEM or carrier. At the end of the day, no consumer wants to feel like their phone is outdated, before they even had the phone a full year and no longer supported.

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