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The $.99 Windows Phone Xbox Live Deal is Permanent

Microsoft recently announced that there were 6 Xbox Live titles for Windows Phones that were being dropped to $.99. Seems like a deal you need to jump on but not quite. It’s actually a permanent reduction. We were told “This is a permanent reduction designed to provide more options for mobile gamers.” That’s awesome. These are some great titles but they’re not new in the Marketplace so they’ve already received a lot of downloads. So it’s nice to give them a rebirth by dropping the price and opening it up to a lot more gamers who aren’t as willing to spend on titles.  There’s also a pricing gap where Windows phone titles are the highest priced app for app of the major platforms. That’s good for developers but a mixed bag for consumers but this move to a permanent reduction strikes a great balance for all. Old hits get a refresh. There’s more exposure and more hits get to remain as hits. Win win win.

Here’s the titles:

Angry Birds

Burn the Rope

de Blob ®™

Doodle God


Max and the Magic Marker, Special Edition

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp

Even though I know this can happen to other Xbox Live titles, I don’t think I’d be willing to wait a year for a price drop if the title were good so I doubt we’ll see a sow down in sales of new titles.

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