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Snapchat Ads are Starting This Weekend

Long have we enjoyed ad free usage of our favorite app to privately and securely (cough) chat with our friends. That’s right friends, Snapchat has decided to start putting ads in the “Recent Updates” section for U.S. users. The ad will run just like a Snapchat story and hang around for 24 hours before disappearing. Why you ask? (seriously) According to Snapchat head knocker Evan Spiegel it’s all about the dollars. Making money peeps. Snapchat needs to make money just like everyone else who owns a business and so at this stage the Ads will not be so bad to deal with. They will appear in your Recent Updates as mentioned but you will not be forced to watch them prior to viewing your intended content. So that is a good thing at least for now. how long will it last is anyone’s guess. It’s all about the money folks.

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