We were originally told that Windows Phone can tether, then we were told that it can’t. Maybe the reason for the switch was that it can do it but the UI isn’t complete. But the functionality may in fact be on the phone. Say what? OK, if you have a Samsung device (Focus or Omnia 7) then you can go into diagnostic mode and even change your USB connection settings and one of the things you can do from there is change your USB tethering to “Modem, tethered call”. Once you go into that mode if you connect your phone to your PC over USB then drivers get installed on your computer and you can now see options in your connection settings for “3G Connection” and “GSM” and of course, the properties include “Modem – SAMSUNG Mobile Modem”. I think we’re looking at tethering capabilities…if we can figure out the correct settings here. So, can you help me help you?

Here are the steps:

1) open your phone and dial “##634#” then press call. You’ll go into the Diagnosis Menu (going forward this icon appears in your programs so you don’t need to dal that again). This is just a phone dialer with a little icon and note on top.

2) In diagnosis mode, dial “*#7284#” and a dialogue will pop up letting you change the settings from Zune to modem or “Modem, USB dialog.”. You want to go with “Modem, Tethered Call” here (I think). It will restart you phone after a few seconds. Once it restarts, connect to your PC over USB and drivers will be installed on your computer. Now go to your connections on your PC and you’ll see that a Samsung modem was added.

OK, I’m missing step 3. Any of you have it?

Like anything else, I’m absolving myself of liability if your phone gets screwed up. I’ll just say that for my part I’ve tried the different settings, restarting a bunch of times, different computers and I can’t get it to work but this is at your own risk. With that said, please share any rewards you find with the group.  I think you can do this!

And whether or not this works for other Windows Phone devices – no idea. Am I totally off base here? I wouldn’t know that. I have a feeling you’ll set me straight if I am though. Good luck.


  1. While i tested and in Device Manager in the Hardware it sees the Samsung and tests fine, yet i DO NOT see it in the Network Connections section. Have tethered the Fuze and others without problem, yet for the life on me can not seem to get the Samsung to be seen in the Network Connection. So not working as modem for now as there must be some setting or ??? i am missing that then allows me to log on.

    And yes, i saw the below yet can not even find the place to do this either:
    3) on your PC you need to change the setting for the Samsung Focus modem. If you set it to prompt for user name you’ll be able to put in the login info. This is all it is:
    number: *99***1#
    password: CINGULAR1

    So again, the hardware is seen, driver is fine and tested fine. Just can not seem to see it in Connections nor enter in the above data.

    BTW: In Device Manager it shows it as a CDMA(?)

    Help please. Many thanks.

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