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GlowPuff Releases Wizard’s Tower–Free for Windows Phones

GlowPuff has a great track record with Windows Phone games and now Wizard’s Tower is available. This one is a puzzler platformer that has the same polish as all GlowPuff titles. Just check out this video of the training levels:

Right now it’s getting mostly 5 stars and I expect that to continue. here’s the full description:

Join Gork on an epic physics-based puzzle platformer adventure! Manipulate the devices in the Wizard’s Tower in your favor and help Gork rescue the goblin prisoners. Brave the Wizard’s Tower as you solve physics-based puzzles to get Gork to the tower exit! Grab a sword, or use the environment as a weapon as you face the tower’s evil monsters. Pull switches, build bridges, unlock doors, drop chandeliers, and more through the power of physics driven gameplay. Can you score a Perfect 3 Star Victory on every level?

+Unique physics-based platforming and puzzles

+Hand drawn graphics and animation

+Boss battles against the evil Wizard, Hocus! Avoid the falling fireballs by building bridges for protection

+Use gravity and the environment to your advantage as you activate devices for Gork to use

+Easy to play, fun and challenging to master

+Complete musical soundtrack