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WinPho teaser app for Android: You almost had me (not really)

I swear I went in with an open mind, primed to give it five stars for just for effort. The app which you may have heard about (if not, here) scans through the apps you have installed and attempts to find and list identical or presumably acceptably-similar apps for Windows Phone, the idea I believe being that it quickly snuffs out what may be a heavily-exaggerated reluctance to switch from Android to Windows Phone due to a perceived lack of apps. Right?

As I was installing it, I saw some harsh reviews, the term bait-and-switch here, used car salesman there etc. Whatever, hit the install button, it went through my apps, came up with a 77% match figure — higher than I had anticipated actually, I was impressed and wanted to take a closer look at the list and explore the notion of getting a Windows Phone (or at least playing along). I imagine the bait-and-switch remarks were along the lines of this app failing to find a significant portion of your apps on Windows Phone made by the same developer and therefore quite similar, rather making matches under the perhaps liberal discretion of the app’s producer. But I didn’t get to that bait-and-switch. I didn’t get to a list.

I didn’t get there because I encountered a sign-in box for a Microsoft account (Skydrive/Live/MSDN/Hotmail/Xbox/MSN/etc) that I either had to sign into or go through the motions of creating an account with them and then sign in to have this list dumped someplace else unnecessarily. Seems using Google Drive or, heck, just displaying the damn list without involving cloud storage was just not good enough an idea in Redmond where you gotta juice these opportunities, they seem to feel, to take advantage of this situation to get a few more signups. So what if it’s much less effective in its ostensible purpose. So what? Screw just pushing WP, got the original bigger picture to think about, golden opportunity to get a couple new Hotmail users!

Anyway, thanks a lot Microsoft, or whoever made this thing that might otherwise have impressed me were it not for this bullshit. Just another sign that Windows Phone rides in the back seat of priorities still at Microsoft. So I guess that’s the takeaway..