So MS isn’t even close to the first to have an HTML5 browser out but the download is available now. Obviously the more that people use HTML5 the more the market is pushed that way and iOS, Android and WebOS2 all utilize it. Being that WP7 is built on a combination of IE7 and 8 and IE9 is an early beta, anyone want to take a guess on how long it will take for Windows Phone to get a native (IE) HTML5 browser? I think we’re looking at a year.  While HTML5 isn’t mainstream yet, this is going to give it a bit of a jolt I’d expect (especially the pinning in W7 that encourages ‘app’ like use of HTML5 sites). So sound off on any of this. Is the lack of HTML5 in WP7 an epic fail or will it go unnoticed as long as there’s an app for that site to make up for it?


  1. Taking into account how many consumers shrug off not having Flash support, WP7 not doing HTML5 will go unnoticed as long as people can watch their Youtube — which they could, by the way, with HTML5.

  2. HTML5 compatible browsers for mobile devices are just something fanboys like to bring up. The guy who helped author the standard doesn’t expect a fully compatible browser until late ’11, early ’12. He doesn’t expect full adoption until 2020.

    So a mobile device not having it isn’t that *huge* of a deal.

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