IM+ has been available to devs but it’s now in marketplace and available for everyone in Marketplace. Here’s their description:

Chat in Yahoo!®, GTalk™, AIM®, MySpace™, Jabber, ICQ®, Facebook® and Skype on the go. No more SMS charges!
The wide variety of online messenger clients out there often means that no single one works for all of your contacts. They may be spread out among Google Talk, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo etc. To keep in touch, you have to spread yourself out across all of those platforms too. But this limits your availability to whichever service you’re checking in with at the moment–and the people who use that one.
If you’ve been frustrated with jumping around like that, IM+ All-in-One Messenger gives you a way to do all of your messaging from one place in easy and intuitive way.

They fail to note mention that it has push services so that the app doesn’t need to be in the foreground in order to continue to receive notifications. It also has group chat. The one service that’s missing is MSN\Live messenger but that wasn’t by choice as Microsoft required it to be removed as part of the certification process. It’s also $10 and lacks a trial but consider a single $10 fee to switch from texting to IMing (which is just a data plan) and it’s a solid deal.


  1. that price is suspect, and will have trouble holding up for facebook chat users when mango is rolled out. but none the less i’ll be purchasing right now. cheers.

  2. Guess it will piss some people off to pay $9.95, only to discover that their push/live tiles have stopped working. Should make for some interesting reviews/comments. Mango can’t get here soon enough.

  3. How come there is free version on Android, I will not pay $10 for an IM that does not support LM, maybe $3.

  4. Pardon my English, but I aint paying $10. That’s ripoff city. Even the pro version on iOS costs half that much.

  5. Once again, this is MS teaching the WM7 lab rats that you should pay for all your apps and most of the time higher than other mobile OS. Another reason WM7 may eventually fell.

    Good luck with all of that.

  6. They must be out their butter-lovin’ minds charging that much.

    That being sad:

    How does this fall on MS? Seems more like it should be on the shoulders of the developers in this case. But before you decide that MS will fail (even though you have never seen them fail at anything) lets not forget this same app was at least twice as much on Windows Mobile. And the developer will wake up and drop the price when Mango comes out with messenger, and Fb IM integrated, or when (if?) the other companies like beejive, plaringo etc put out their versions.

  7. @Sean
    Windows Mobile was a failure. Is it still around? Can you get support for it? The answers are no. It was alright for a while when there were very little competition but success is not measured on what you did yesterday. Sucess is a moving needle that MS failed to capture with Windows Mobile.

    Here we go with (here comes Mango talk) which sound similar to the old “hear comes WM7”. WM7 did not make a dent in MS marketshare. Failure again.

    Sean, get your tongue out of MS A-hole please. The only benefits is that you only get to see butt checks or nuts and not the real world.

  8. Does no one remember when IM+ was 29.99 on Windows Mobile? Hell I bought it. From Sprint’s Power Vision Site none-the-less. I’m tired of people talking about high prices for apps. APPLE IS NOT GOD WHEN SETTING PRICES. NO ONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH THE SLING APP BEING 30 BEANS BECAUSE IT’S ON THE IPHONE FOR 30 BEANS, GOD FORBID YOU HAVE TO SPEND MONEY FOR THINGS YOU WILL ACTUALLY USE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need a drink.

  9. @the Fight
    What has that 29.99 get you today with that WM app? Nothing because MS dropped WM. Hehehehe. (those are really tears as I purchased so many unsupported apps for WM that I still feel like I got raped)
    With MS trying to get market share, they can’t affort to play the high end on apps. Maybe later if WM7/Mango survives but now they have to be better than Apple to get attention. This is not better than apple or even google.
    MS has no clue how to get smartphone maket share. It takes more than having a good OS and selling every app they can as high as possible, but they just don’t see that. If they were smart they would subsidize a lot of apps and phones just to get the people in the door.

    Goog luck with all of that.

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