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Impossible Shoota Updated to Version 2.0

4237.Impossible-ShootaIn my humble opinion, Impossible Shoota is one of the best games available for Windows Phone.  It’s free, it’s beautiful(the best looking free game I’ve come across so far), it’s fast paced, no bugs or lag experienced in-game, and, most importantly of all, it’s a blast(hopelessly lame pun intended) to play!!! 

Today, Impossible Shoota was updated to version 2.0, and with it comes several new features, both of which have been requested by users(including from yours truly).  The author has added an option to use a touch control scheme instead of tilt controls.  He also gave us mere mortals additional lives, so that the fun isn’t over after 1 tiny mistake(I make a lot of those).  It’s very frustrating to level up your ship just to have it clipped by a little enemy midget fighter that wouldn’t freakin’ die!!! 

So what are you waiting for? Go see if your Marketplace Hub has the update for you! No wifi connection is required to begin the update(however one is recommended if you do not have an unlimited internet plan). If you haven’t had the opportunity to try this amazing game, point your Zune player to the link below and give it a try, you won’t be sorry(unless you simply hate things that are awesome!)


UPDATE: I just finished taking the updated version for a spin.  Looks like both the touch and tilt controls are active simultaneously.  The touch control is really just constant teleportation without the cool down that was needed between jumps before.  The downside to this is that there is slight lag when you use the touch controls when compared to tilt.  Wish he used a different technique for adding touch controls but it’s a free game so I’m not complaining.

You get 3 additional lives, for a total of 4.  To keep up the fast pace of the game, when you die there is no pause in enemy surges.  Your new ship is instantly teleported to where you died and you just keep on going. I have to say that it was nice to see how the game looks past level 5.  It’s definitely easier but still very intense.  I wasn’t very good using the tilt controls and weaving back and forth made me slightly dizzy.  With the touch controls this is no longer the case.

Impossible Shoota