Wow David K, I wonder how you feel about Facebook. Okay David, since you’re removing something from the table, how about putting something else back on? For example, for our readers that want to do the following (just throwing out a handful here) and would normally go with Google, having read this vapid article of yours and drinking your kool-aid, whom would you advise them to patronize? Let’s start with us — we use Google’s AdSense. Given your grave concerns with Google’s trustworthiness because of wifigate, why haven’t you let us in on what would be better for business and peace of mind? Tell us who is better at the following than Google both on computers and on phones:
  • Effective and broad ad placement
  • Getting directions including public transit info
  • Simple, easy, full-featured and free blog hosting
  • Cloud services to suit common needs (remote differential backups not being one of those)
  • Google Earth (funny that NBC and MSNBC use it instead of Microsoft’s clone, right?)
  • Free email
  • Photo management and sharing
  • Free POTS number for SMS and VOIP
  • Watching videos, sharing videos
  • Google Analytics and other webmaster tools to beef up traffic
  • Translation
  • News
  • Google Reader
  • Google Code
  • Froogle/product search
So let’s start with those if you’d please indulge us, that should be enough for at least one of us to make our point. Maybe it’s you who sucks and that’s why you go on and on about Google sucking, to dance around your own sucking. Think on that.

Doug Simmons

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Biographical info.. hmm. I have a history of not being able to strike the balance between what is "safe" to put into these forms and what is, in my mind at least, funny. Can't do it.


  1. I use a few of those (Mail, Code and Maps primarily) but your argument is really anything to do with David Ks article. By using all those services from one source you’re effectively giving all your data to Google. I use a variety of sources for most things, Bing and Google search do things differently, Bing maps and Google maps are better at some things than others (and I use TomTom anyway cause it’s better), but using one provider for everything just ends up with one point of failure. If Google go evil(er), all your data is theirs, whereas at least my way, Google, Microsoft and numerous small tech firms need to go evil before all my data is stolen.

  2. Well let’s see. I do use Google Maps to check traffic and I did use Google Earth once or twice from my phone, just for the novelty (prefer using Bing on my desktop) but can’t say I have tried or used anything else on the list. I have Google Search on my phone but don’t use it. And the Google Searchbar has appeared on various PC’s (uninvited) but it was promptly deleted.

    Been on a PC/PDA/PPC pretty much every day for the past 18 years, so am I missing something. I don’t think so.

    That being said, I may still wind up with an Android phone someday, but not for any of the reasons mentioned above.

  3. Hey Doug,

    I’m cracking up reading the fake(?) rivalry between you and David regarding Windows vs. Droid, no doubt intended to fan the flames of controversy.

    OTOH, I wonder have you ever heard people claim that when the Fascists were in power during WWII (Mussolini) in Italy, that at least the trains ran on time? Are you really making the case that it’s OK for Google to do as it likes as long as the masses get their “Bread and Circuses” or Google Sync and the like? Would you be as quick to do the same if the “Evil Empire” in Redmond did the same, or one of the first to blow the whistle?

    I’m just saying, it makes a guy wonder. Further, I use Google Maps, Search, Sync, etc. on a regular basis, but do I want them Big Brothering me in any manner other than an anonymous one? NOPE!

  4. That hurt, Brock.

    With exception to the cute animal pictures in recent articles, mine tend to be both relevant and semi-original shop jobs. I considered for maybe a split second tops using a picture of Street View car or some kind of wifi thing — no wait I didn’t because it would be boring and unhelpful. Not using a picture, as big a fan of that as I had been on my own sites including which you should check out parenthetically, just isn’t that good an option for a blog formatted kind of place. So I try to have a little fun with it and hope yours is a unique opinion, along with your decision to de-friend us or whatever.

    Having tried to explain myself a bit, back to my original point which was that that hurt, Brock. Unhappy face.

  5. HOBILITY DIGEST has a nice ring to it; don’t you think? That has to be the dumbest irrelevant picture on this site. No wait, I did see to ladybugs getting it on, hamsters being called squirrels, squirrels hamming it up and a whole bunch of other crap that has nothing to do with anything mobile. I get it though, MobilityDigest writers likely have limited sources and don’t take the time to produce quality professional articles like many of the other sites out there. I suppose there is always that time when the men leave the boys to there clubhouses. Good luck boys, I will be removing you from my fan list and wiping Hobility from my recent memory. I hope you find a sweet phone Brian, and thanks for the blown Fuze and Tilt sites Doug which at least didn’t have any pictures on them ; ) I may or may not come back to be flamed for this we will see, likely I will just be off reading somewhere more informative and showing myself a little respect.

  6. Hi Brock, you will absolutely not be flamed and I think your opinion is very important. It is true that we have been trying to shake things up with more original content and engaging the readers more with comments. We have worked very hard merging Tilt and Fuze Mobility together with subdomains to make this a great site for the readers. I personally thought the ladybugs, or what ever insect they are were funny, but I see where you are going with the series of photos. We will make more of an effort to keep things in perspective with our photos, but continue to be as thought provoking as possible with an edge of sarcasim where appropriate. Thanks again for reading and I hope you return and check us out again. Please feel free to email me using the contact form above. It comes straight to me and I would be happy to hear from you.

    Doug Smith – Editor-In-Chief

  7. Shake it off Doug, think happy thoughts like the Dell Streak with Android 2.2 coming to the US…. Be in a happy place Doug, be in a happy place. :)


  8. Hmm… I appreciate your responses and quite frankly like the articles. I am gonna stick around a while because you didn’t flame me : ) I do hope that you can keep it clean.

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