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In Response To That Crappy Google Sucks Article

Wow David K, I wonder how you feel about Facebook. Okay David, since you’re removing something from the table, how about putting something else back on? For example, for our readers that want to do the following (just throwing out a handful here) and would normally go with Google, having read this vapid article of yours and drinking your kool-aid, whom would you advise them to patronize? Let’s start with us — we use Google’s AdSense. Given your grave concerns with Google’s trustworthiness because of wifigate, why haven’t you let us in on what would be better for business and peace of mind? Tell us who is better at the following than Google both on computers and on phones:
  • Effective and broad ad placement
  • Getting directions including public transit info
  • Simple, easy, full-featured and free blog hosting
  • Cloud services to suit common needs (remote differential backups not being one of those)
  • Google Earth (funny that NBC and MSNBC use it instead of Microsoft’s clone, right?)
  • Free email
  • Photo management and sharing
  • Free POTS number for SMS and VOIP
  • Watching videos, sharing videos
  • Google Analytics and other webmaster tools to beef up traffic
  • Translation
  • News
  • Google Reader
  • Google Code
  • Froogle/product search
So let’s start with those if you’d please indulge us, that should be enough for at least one of us to make our point. Maybe it’s you who sucks and that’s why you go on and on about Google sucking, to dance around your own sucking. Think on that.

Doug Simmons