Windows Phone - 09 February 2011
Author: David K

imageFor all of those that think that Windows Phone games don’t make developers money, Elbert Perez is showing otherwise. He’s an Indie developer and has released a series of Windows Phone 7 games that are top rated. Although his games started at $.99 there are now free versions of all of his games and he’s earning $380 per day in ad revenue. Do the math – that’s about $138,700 per year. Not bad at all. And this shows you that with the right games you can make a living off of this platform.

You probably have some of his games on your phone in fact: Impossible Shoota, Nom Nom Worm, Blackboard Gems, Quadra, Fishing Girl, Scribble DEfense and Zombidemix. 


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  2. Wow…good for him. I love all of his games!

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  4. Good for him — and good for a bunch of people at Microsoft.

  5. really, a WMPluser trackback, didnt they say they would never link back to MD again?

  6. @sm0k3ydaband1t: We’ve all kissed and made up:)

  7. Well, that would be the Hollywood version of it.

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