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Impossible Shoota – a Free WP7 SHMUP is Now Out

This not only looks great, but it’s free. It’s a classic space shoot em up that reminds me of Atari…in 2010. So you get simplicity with a layer of high end graphics like explosions and the like that are modern while keeping the controls and game play classic. Here’s how it’s described by the dev:

Introducing Impossible Shoota, the free game where incredible skill meets impossible odds. As the last Starboxer, you have a big beef against the Sho-dan empire who killed everyone else in your race but you. Fueled by revenge, you plot out your last stand in the main hyperspace corridor of the Sho-dan armada. Armed with nothing but your ship and the death of your comrades you will face impossible odds, but the question becomes how effective will your last stand be?

– Featuring addictive shmup gameplay with 25 different enemies to defeat

– Level up your ship by collecting enemy cores to further advance your revenge against the Sho-dan empire

– Use the accelerometer to dodge left and right, or tap the screen to teleport your ship anywhere

And here it is in action:

You can check out the developer’s website for more information ( and to download it for Windows Phone just click this link (that will launch Zune). Looks like a great title.