Intel has taken a huge step here in ensuring that there are no supply chain kinks when Windows 8 ultrabooks come out by signing a deal with touch screen manufacturers that ensures sales (and Intel will pay them for unsold inventory).  Why is this a big deal? Well Apple has a tendency to order huge amounts of parts and then squeeze out the rest of the market. And Intel is also fighting with AMD and the ARM manufacturers to be the king of Windows 8. You can’t discount Android tablets either. Windows 8 bring touch to the forefront and Intel wants to make sure their chips are in play here. It’s a nice move and shows their commitment to the platform. It also reminds us that Microsoft should be the ones doing this for the protection of all of their manufacturers and making sure their supply chains are solid.

via Bloomberg


  1. Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt for Microsoft to be protecting their edge. But we are talking about Windows 8 here, and not Windows Phone 8. Any touch screen supplier betting against Microsoft and W8 would be best to pack up and call it a day. Unless of course, they have a problem with exponential growth.

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