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HTML and Other WP7 Rumors Related to Mango

MangoMary-Jo Foley of ZDNet has received some more tips about the Windows Phone updates that we’re all waiting for. Namely, it sounds like the January, February updates will be minimal. They will likely involve copy and paste, some multi-tasking, more UI controls and customizations and other tweaks. Them comes Mango:

I’m also hearing talk of a major fall update (codenamed “Mango”), which will precede Windows Phone 8 (codenamed “Apollo”), slated for late 2012.

The Mango update is supposedly bigger than the January and/or February update, according to my sources. Mango is more like a Windows Phone OS 7.5 — and may even be named that when it debuts.

Mango, according to tipsters, will add Silverlight run-time and HTML 5 support to Windows Phone 7, Far Eastern language support and other features and functionality. (Silverlight already is the primary development platform for Windows Phone 7 devices, but a Silverlight browser plug-in isn’t yet available for the phones.)

I’m wondering if it also might add more enterprise functionality, as the first Windows Phone 7 devices are consumer-focused phones, as Microsoft execs themselves have acknowledged. The first crop of Windows Phone 7 devices only support a subset of Exchange ActiveSync’s feature set, for example. As Windows Phone Secrets author Paul Thurrott recently noted, Microsoft officials have said they plan to gradually flesh out that list.

One thing to note is that Silverlight and Flash are likely to come at the same time as they involve a plugin issue to IE so I’d throw that into the Mango mix.

Well, in January we should start to have more information about the short term improvements and that will shed light on if Mango is in fact real.